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Hi, I’m Sally Hanna, formerly a doctor, now a personal performance coach, founder of Cotswold Coaching Clinic and nominee for the National Diversity Awards 2021.

I help professional working mums who feel unhappy or stuck in their career get ahead in life and work without sacrificing their family.

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Sally Hanna nominated for national diversity awards
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My mission

As working mums, we are all unique and at different stages in our personal and professional lives. A successful career and family life means different things to each one of us.

I respect every working mum’s vision of success and I am passionate about helping you achieve this without compromising those you love.

You deserve to experience the buzz of positive change as I have and you are the reason I have set up my practice.

“When you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you.”
Michelle Obama

My mission with Cotswold Coaching Clinic is to provide a safe haven for working mums like you. Here, you can choose to redesign your life and equip yourself to live and work on your terms.

About you

As a working mum, you have been feeling unhappy or stuck in your career for a while. You feel drained by internal conflict and wish you could reclaim the freedom you need to choose the rest of your life with clarity and confidence. You want to be seen and heard, but without judgement. You know you have something within you to ignite and really want to thrive on it. You’re curious about what could have been or could still be for you.

Deep inside, you know that investing in yourself is the answer, but until now something has held you back. However, you are finally here, looking for support and willing and ready to act to make what you really want actually happen.

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Maybe you know you need a change, but just don't know what?
Maybe you're frustrated by your lack of energy and focus?
Maybe despite all your efforts promotions have passed you by?
Maybe circumstances, beliefs and expectations have got in your way?
Maybe work-life balance is a distance memory?
Maybe you crave doing something very different but too scared to try?

Whatever your reasons for feeling unhappy or stuck in your career, I can help you to get ahead without sacrificing your family.

How I can help you

Whether, as an unfulfilled mum, you want to…

Tweak your current role at work

Gain clarity on your career direction

Accelerate your career progression

Secure a new job elsewhere

Achieve a healthy work-life balance

Change your career altogether

… my 1:1 coaching programme Revive and Thrive is how I will help you to get ahead without sacrificing your family. It is a holistic coaching approach to change and growth and many of the coaching techniques have now been proven by neuroscientific research using functional MRI brain scans.

Revive and Thrive

Coaching with my collaborative Revive and Thrive programme helps you to reach your desired outcomes whilst supporting you to change and grow along the way. By setting yourself free from your own exhausting web of expectations you are able to rediscover and ignite purpose and passion without sacrificing what is most important to you.

The journey to your destination is the transformative part of Revive and Thrive. This 7-step programme uses thought-provoking exercises and conversations to unlock your potential by:

Gaining a much deeper understanding of you, your situation and your vision for the future.

Challenging and filtering the unhelpful thoughts and habits that hold you back.

Reconnecting you with hidden strengths to help you overcome obstacles.

Shining a light on other perspectives to increase opportunity and choice.

Empowering you to take responsibility and focused action to stretch yourself.

Compassionately holding you to account for what you say you will do.

Encouraging you to enjoy, recognise and celebrate your efforts, learnings and achievements.

How exactly will this work?

Our private and confidential fortnightly sessions are 60-90 minutes long and can take place via telephone, video call or in person at times convenient to you including evenings and weekends. During these sessions we will review where you are now, where you want to be, and how you can get there using the 7 steps above.

The 7 steps are addressed in a seamless and dynamic way in every session so that the positive change you want for yourself is created gradually and can be sustained. Some of these changes will be visible to others and some just within yourself, but the change doesn’t need to be large to have a large impact on your life.

You will leave each session with a challenging but empowering action plan which you are comfortable with and motivated by, but most importantly, will not sacrifice your family.

After each session you will also receive:

A detailed summary to help consolidate your progress. This is not a common practice among coaches, but as a former GP, thorough record keeping and transparency is very important to me when providing a service to others.

A self-assessment worksheet to use between sessions to help hold you to account, analyse your progress and prepare you for your next step.

Investing in yourself

Investing in others in terms of your time, money or energy is a cost, but investing in yourself in the same way is an opportunity. Those working mums who thrive in life invest in themselves just as easily as they do in others.

As difficult as this may sound, sometimes you even have to invest in yourself first, like on a flight when you have to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting anyone else. Just imagine the benefits to you and those around you if you stopped to invest in yourself before others?

Magic potions don’t exist but the right coach for you does. Of course it’s possible to achieve positive change without a coach and many working mums do, but usually not as efficiently or as effectively. How have your own efforts served you so far?

It’s a false economy to choose not to see alternative perspectives, not to be held to account and not to identify and learn from mistakes earlier. Investing in yourself is simply a matter of choice and those that get ahead choose coaching with conviction.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King Jr

A carefully considered dream can become a reality, but knowledge without action is useless. Revive and Thrive helps you to take action with passion and meaning so why not take a leap of faith and get in touch?

Why me?

So why choose me on this journey to support you?

Dr Sally Hanna

I get it.

As an unfulfilled mum and doctor I felt stuck, lost and scared.

I procrastinated and put others before me.

I didn’t believe enough in myself to change and worried what others would think if I tried. I too was sceptical of how anyone else could possibly help me.

But then enough was enough. I discovered coaching, started my Diploma in Performance Coaching and received coaching from others along the way. My only regret is not having known about coaching earlier when I was feeling most trapped and confused.

I’ve since helped other working mums (as well as other women, men and even children) to achieve the success that they want and can’t wait to help you too.

My story

If you’d met me in 2016, you’d have thought my life was great. And it was – on paper. I was an experienced GP with an interesting CV reflecting years of hard work and achievements in different specialties and countries. I was practising in a friendly, small surgery in the lovely Cotswolds with great colleagues and serving a loyal community of patients. I lived just a short drive away with my beautiful young family in a quaint and rural town. What’s not to like? But something profound was missing and underneath the veneer I was not happy.

After having my children and despite reducing my hours, I became increasingly unfulfilled as a GP. My work-life balance didn’t reflect my values and continued to deteriorate as the demands and constraints of the NHS increased. The impact on my family was palpable and I hadn’t fully appreciated the extent of the bullying my daughter was suffering from at school. An intense 14-hour working day was not conducive to deep and meaningful conversations with a 7-year old! The bottom line – although I was a loved and highly respected GP, I no longer enjoyed General Practice and I wasn’t the wife and mother I had hoped I would become. Surely there was more to life than this?

In 2017 I found myself at a crossroads as my surgery, like many other small surgeries in the country, was closing. Although I had every intention at the time of continuing to work as a GP locally I decided to have a short sabbatical first. However, in this time I experienced life as I had always hoped it could be – quality time with family and friends, watching my children blossom with contentment and space for my own personal reflection. I knew there was no way I was returning to my previous life. However, due to a rollercoaster ride of emotions including shame, anger, guilt and fear, it took me two years before I finally removed my name from the GP register.

The emotional response to the loss of identity that I experienced with leaving my medical career was like that of grief, but like most, I came out the other end stronger and wiser.

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me.”
The Baal Shem Tov

In late 2018 I discovered my passion and talent for coaching and began my formal and comprehensive retraining with The Coaching Academy to become a professional certified coach. I received coaching myself along the way and I used my newly acquired coaching skills to support my own daughter in overcoming the impact of her school bullying. As a result, she grew into a happy and confident pre-teen ready to take on the world and my faith in the coaching process was fortified.

In early 2020 I qualified with a distinction and set up my own coaching practice, Cotswold Coaching Clinic, helping other working mums to achieve their own success and lead fulfilling lives. Seeing others overcome their self-doubt and procrastination to avoid the pain of future regrets is humbling and inspiring. As an accredited coach and affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate, I am proudly committed to the highest quality of professional coaching.

My life finally feels authentic and balanced because I am at peace with myself personally and professionally. Knowing who you really are (not who you or society think you should be) and working towards your true potential is liberating and empowering.

Having made a change and walked the talk I can help you to do the same.

Selected testimonials

“I met with Sally as I was lacking confidence in my work life. I needed a new challenge but wasn’t at all confident in attending interviews, didn’t like ‘blowing my own trumpet’, therefore I wasn’t being offered the jobs I applied for. Sally put me at ease and made me feel comfortable discussing what for me was quite a difficult subject. She asked me questions that really made me stop and think not only about my job situation but also about me as a person, giving me plenty of thinking time before I needed to answer. The questions seemed to be delivered with great thought and insight. After each session Sally recapped by emailing me a written summary which also gave us a base for the next session. I left each session feeling motivated, more positive and more confident, which was a surprise for me. If I’m honest I wasn’t really expecting the sessions to make much of a difference to my mindset. I understand myself a lot better and I know where my hesitancy of admitting I can do a job well has come from. I walked into my next interview confident in what I was wearing, prepared for what I would say and relaxed. I am very pleased to say I was offered the job and the new challenge has begun. I can’t thank Sally enough for the coaching she gave me. I feel I have grown as a person because of it.”
“Coaching has unexpectedly changed all aspects of my life: I have been having monthly coaching with Sally for the last eight months and I feel positive shifts everywhere because my issues, both conscious and unconscious, are closely tangled together. It has been like a domino effect: you kick one but it triggers a chain reaction. Sally is a great professional who has helped me in this journey not by giving all the answers but by encouraging me to find them, so that I can keep the joy of discovery to myself. The exercises we did and the techniques we tried might have looked insignificant on their own, but it is all the little changes that they implemented in my life that made the big difference. I have enjoyed my face-to-face interactions with Sally. By giving me the space to be honest with myself and to challenge myself, she has helped me to believe in myself, break stereotypes and reveal who I really am.”
“You are amazing Sally and as a parent I can wholeheartedly recommend you as someone who cares and turns her knowledge into brilliant practice. You have helped our 10-year-old with her anxiety and anger issues so much and helped me as Mum to understand her behaviour better. Our house is far more harmonious now.”
“The sessions with Sally helped me to ‘step outside myself’ to see the opportunities to improve my performance and to reduce frustrations related to matters/issues outside of my direct control. Sally has enabled me to stop worrying about details, to accept lower but still satisfactory standards of others. In addition, rather than be frustrated, I have recognised my particular attention to detail traits which I have shared with my peers and subordinates with proactive humour. This has actually got them to see the benefits of the ‘right first time every time’ way I have of working with encouragement rather than my previous micro-management. The task-oriented aspect of my approach in the workplace has become less dominant as I have nurtured the people-focused element. I now realise I can get my perfectionist fix internally instead. The coaching has given me a more strategic perspective ‘big picture thinking’ approach to my work and home life. Having been through the process I personally believe that independent performance coaching can benefit anyone regardless of who they are or what they have achieved. There is always room for improvement!”
“Prior to Sally’s coaching sessions, I had become withdrawn and quite solitary. The thought of coaching did not particularly enthuse me, however, I recognised that I did need help in reversing the negativity that I had wrapped myself in. Although the first session was painful, the immediate impact was tangible. Sally helped me to see that there were ways in which I could break the negativity that was holding me down. I soon realised that I held the key to my future. Following the coaching sessions, I have realised many of my goals, not all in full, however, I feel well equipped to maintain my momentum and positivity towards fully achieving them. The 2 biggest benefits from Sally’s coaching have been a resurgence of my self-esteem and a more positive and happier approach to my short and long-term thoughts; points that have not gone unnoticed within my family. Without doubt, I have gone from sceptic to convert and would thoroughly recommend coaching with Sally.”
“The coaching sessions with Sally were immensely valuable as they helped me to understand my situation and mindset more clearly. I was able to rationalise a large number of competing items on my ‘to-do’ list by identifying clear long-term goals and then committing only to those actions which would move me closer to my goals. Gaining my postgraduate qualification was particularly impactful as my new skills allowed me to perform my job with greater confidence and effectiveness.”
“The coaching provided by Sally has enabled me to take a look at myself and in doing so I felt empowered to make the changes required to improve. Whilst I have always been confident briefing senior managers, I always felt junior to them. Through my sessions with Sally it became apparent this was only my perception and indeed I was equal to them, the result of which is I am far more confident dealing with them. During the sessions with Sally I found myself comfortably talking about things I have never discussed with anyone else before. I thank Sally for taking me down this road of discovery and I would recommend such coaching to all no matter what your background may be.”
“Once I had my first session I was impressed with how easy achieving improvements could be when all that really happened was Sally enabling me to think about things simply, but in greater depth, while giving support to understand my thoughts. Coaching has helped me achieve a happier home life with my family and that is a positive impact we are all thankful for.”
“Prior to my sessions with Sally, I was feeling incredibly stuck with my career and struggling to find direction. Over the course of our sessions, Sally asked me many questions which challenged my thinking and facilitated identification of the blocks that were holding me back. I was then able to work with Sally to clarify my career goals. Working with Sally also held me accountable which was sometimes uncomfortable but ultimately, entirely necessary! Having completed the sessions, I have a much stronger sense of purpose and feel confident that I’ll reach the goals which I’ve set. I found Sally’s approach extremely effective and would definitely reach out to Sally for any future coaching needs.”


I offer a choice of 3 packages for my 1:1 Revive and Thrive coaching programme:


This is a 2-month package of coaching sessions for clients needing to achieve a clear objective in a short space of time.


This is a 3-month coaching package designed to meet the needs of most new clients. It includes email support between sessions to help keep you on track and get ahead.


This is a bespoke coaching package with a very high level of personalised support including phone calls between sessions. I can arrange our meetings flexibly at a time and place convenient to you.

Should additional sessions be required for any package, these can be booked individually.

More information, including pricing, is available on request.

Corporate Services

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Closing the gender pay gap

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Well-being in the workplace

Closing the gender pay gap

In 2019 the Office for National Statistics reported that 75.1% of mothers with dependent children were in work. Although this percentage has gradually increased over the last two decades, many working mothers continue to struggle with their career progression, feeling the need to work harder to prove themselves. As a result, it’s not unusual for women to retrain after starting a family in order to achieve the control and flexibility they want.

Family-friendly organisations do not just offer flexi-time and childcare schemes; they invest in their working mothers to enhance performance and progression, promote inclusion and reduce their gender pay gap. Diverse group coaching of working mothers can achieve this and I offer this service through my bespoke programme Revive and Thrive Together.

I also deliver a 3-hour ‘taster’ workshop for Revive and Thrive Together. This covers some of the basic elements of the full programme and introduces participants to the practice of coaching.

Contact me directly at if you would like to learn more about the ‘taster’ workshop or the full Revive and Thrive Together programme.

Well-being in the workplace

As a former GP I am passionate about creating a healthy workplace culture for both men and women. By working with you to understand your needs and desires for individual employees and your organisation as a whole, I can design and deliver bespoke services to improve employee well-being and workplace culture. These services may include talks, workshops and/or coaching.

My holistic approach to well-being addresses mindset and performance by exploring leadership behaviours. These behaviours are relevant to everyone – not just those in leadership roles. Employees are leaders of their own lives and by developing their leadership behaviours they can improve their confidence, well-being and engagement. Collectively, this enhances the resilience of your organisation in terms of its culture, reputation, employee retention and productivity.

Contact me directly at if you would like to learn more about how I can help you create a culture of well-being in the workplace.

Previous coaching clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only coach working mums?

I have chosen to specialise in coaching working mums as I have a particular interest in this group of people, but I do also coach other women and men (as well as occasionally their children) – a bit like a GP with a special interest in Women’s Health who is qualified to see and help all of their other patients as well.

If you like the sound of coaching with me, but are not a working mum, please do still get in touch. The key to effective coaching is the relationship itself. So as long as we have a great connection and we both feel that you would benefit from my service then I am happy to coach you.

Is coaching right for me, my employee, or my child?

Quality of life is enhanced when we achieve fulfilling goals in our personal and professional lives. However, there does have to be a commitment on your part if coaching is to be effective:

  • You must be voluntarily willing to be coached (not forced or expected).
  • You must be ready now to start taking the actions that will move you forward.
  • You must be able to tolerate the uncertainty that may come with change.

Occasionally coaching is not suitable, for instance:

  • If you are experiencing current signs and symptoms of an untreated mental health problem.
  • If your employee is being held back by a lack of training rather than their perceptions and beliefs.
  • If your child is not yet academically or emotionally able to engage with the coaching process.

If you can satisfy these criteria, it is never too early or too late to benefit from performance coaching for current or future career success.

Will you advise me on what I should/need to do?


Coaching is different to mentoring, consulting and therapy in that it is not an advisory or medical service. Only you know what is best for your life and as you are the expert in ‘you’, it is your responsibility to choose and implement the actions towards change.

My role is to create a ‘safe space’ for you to be honest with yourself, provide structured support using reliable tools and strategies, compassionately challenge your thinking to unlock possibility and hold you to account so you keep moving forward with your self-discovery and self-improvement.

What if I want to focus on personal rather than professional goals?

It is entirely up to you what you decide to focus on in your sessions. Your personal and professional performance is closely linked in that improving how you ‘show up’ in your private life will have a positive effect on your work life and vice versa. Helping you to get ahead in either area of your life will contribute to your overall career success.

In practice, the interdependency of both areas of your life means it is difficult to focus on one without considering the other and so most clients choose to work with both personal and professional goals during the course of their coaching with me.

Could I get upset during sessions?

Coaching focuses on your current strengths and future success – it is a positive and forward-thinking approach and does not focus on your past. Some of the life-changing insights you gain about yourself in sessions may at times make you feel emotional and this is normal. However, the positive outcomes of coaching always outweigh any short-lived negative emotions that you might experience.

How are you different to other coaches?

Having worked as a doctor for 17 years, my coaching practice is built on a foundation of integrity, strict confidentiality and putting the client’s needs first.

By radically transforming my own life I understand what working mums need, not only to reach their potential, but also to sustain it.

I will have time for you, want the best for you and will always speak the truth to you. Our relationship will be collaborative, based on mutual trust, respect and our shared goal of achieving the change you want for yourself.

What if my goals change during the programme?

It’s actually quite common for your goals to change (either slightly or drastically) as you learn more about yourself, what you’re capable of and what you really want. This is not a bad thing and I continue to support you through any changes you make whilst also challenging you so that you have the self-awareness you need to create the right path for you.

If as a result of changing direction you complete the programme before reaching your desired outcome, you may find that you’ve already gained all the strength and insight you need to see you through and that’s great news. Alternatively, if you reach the end of the programme before this and would prefer to continue working with me for a little longer, then further individual sessions can be booked depending on what you feel would benefit you.

Can your coaching contribute to my continuing professional development (CPD) training?

Cotswold Coaching Clinic is not a registered CPD provider. However, some of my previous clients chose to get approval from their employer for coaching during normal working hours as it is a form of professional development. Others didn’t want to disclose their coaching to their employers and chose to be coached in the evenings or at weekends.

What else can you tell me that would convince me to work with you?

As you progress in your coaching journey with me you will become more aware, creative, decisive, confident and resilient. As a result you will feel more relaxed about what the future holds for you. Those around you will also notice positive changes in how you ‘show up’ every day. The tools and strategies that I share and use with you can be used time and time again in the future so that you are always in control. The good habits that you build not only last the test of time, but can also be modelled by your children.

However, coaching is not effective if you do not possess a real desire for change or the emotional courage to confront your vulnerabilities. If so, then it’s possible that you are not yet ready to be coached or that you would be better suited to working with an alternative coach. 

Do you provide ongoing support after the programme has finished?

Some clients choose to continue working with me long-term to sustain their growth. Depending on their needs they may book ad-hoc sessions, bi-annual coaching or complete programmes.

Get in touch

Coaching works because of the strong relationship that builds between you and your coach.

My service to you is personal, private and confidential from start to finish. You will deal directly with me – not a PA or a VA or an automated calendar system.

Apply for a complimentary no-obligation chat